Lux Habrich is a multidisciplinary visual artist, arts facilitator and support worker originally from Tiohtià:ke / Montréal, practicing in K’jipuktuk / Halifax following an Interdisciplinary BFA focused in ceramics and textiles from NSCAD University in 2015.

     She finds frequent inspiration in her mixed racial and cultural identity. She is drawn to the immense healing embedded in tactile processes and the intimate narrative potential in craftwork as a means of accessing and sharing ancestral knowledge. Her work often reflects on the nature of temporality, subversive gender, feminine sacrifice, biological and chosen family, diaspora and belonging, disability justice and care work, intergenerational trauma, theories of hybridization and ideations of the divine. Her interest in ritual objects and commemorative practices stem from her deeply complex and (often) contradictory upbringing between a plurality of belief systems. By layering fragmented, nostalgic imagery with sharp instances of embodied pain and power – she often seeks to emulate the chaotic nature of memory and the many subconscious, untold stories and unspoken legacies that live inside each of us.

     Committed to expressing marginalized experiences, developing inclusive creative platforms, and reimagining cultural futures – Lux externalizes intense internal grievances, to open up collective issues and qualities of larger community struggle to allow for shared moments of compassion and insight.


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