Originally from Montréal / Tiohtiá:ke, QC, Lux Habrich finds frequent inspiration in her mixed racial and cultural identity.  Having moved to Atlantic Canada in 2012 to complete an Interdisciplinary BFA at NSCAD University, Lux found herself drawn to the narrative potential in craftwork as a means of accessing ancestral knowledge. Layering fragmented, nostalgic imagery of girlhood with sharp instances of psychological despair – she often seeks to emulate the chaotic nature of memory and the many subconscious, untold stories and unspoken legacies that live inside each of us.
    Lux employs the immensely meditative qualities in tactile processes and the performative aspects of experimental mark making to record a personal history of inherited, embodied trauma. Her work involves investigations of temporality, subversive gender, feminine sacrifice, concepts of family and the home, diaspora and belonging, disability and cultural hybridization - to introduce an identity in all the complexities and contradictions that together formulate the self. Committed to expressing marginalized experiences and participating in support work, Lux externalizes intense internal grievances, to open up collective issues and qualities of larger community struggle to receive moments of healing and empowerment.


C O N T A C T :

lux.habrich@gmail.com    |   514 . 248 . 9750


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