Living Testament (Invisible Scars)
Living Testament (Invisible Scars)

mixed media, embroidery, found objects and natural dyes on paper and fabric, 9” x 12.5” x 6”, 2015.

repurposed heirloom (grandmother’s bible), words rubbed away due to use

miniature embroidered pocket on book cover, letter transfers (left), black ink, graphite, wax, white-out (right)

poured wax, gold leaf pen, letter stamps (left), mesh fabric, writings, dried blood (right)

screenprint on canvas, embroidery on silk organza (left), burnt family photograph, wax drawings (right)

writings on rice paper, torn cross (left), inherited family picture frame (right)

torn postcard and except from a poem (left), burnt out words (right)

charcoal, erasure marks

fibre object (natural dyes, winding), stamping (left) gold thread, writings in ink and graphite (right)

black ink, rubbing wet paper, white ink (left) graphite drawings of found objects (right)

tactile ‘no’ from hand-woven ends (left), childhood photograph with engravings and thread (right)

found surface stamping with ink and natural dyes

grandmother's religious preachings (handwritten), dried blood, punctured mylar, cotton thread, white-out

charcoal drawing, white gouache wash (left), writings on childhood, gold pastel, melted mesh fabric, letter stamps (right)

rigid and gestural drawings of knitting samples

writings on panic and desperation (left), cut up sequined garment collage (right)

gold leaf square on mylar (left), embroidered 'no' over photo-collage (right)

woodcut print, ink drawing on vellum and rice glue

blind drawing on black iron oxide wash